IP Telephoney Systems

IP PBX , Intercom , Multi-site Telephone Networking

Business phone systems play an important part in modern-day business and should provide far more than just calling ability. Discover how our systems can help you improve your business.

Our IP phone system takes care of all your modern business telecom requirements like IVR, call recording and is compatible with all kinds of telephone like PRI Lines, PSTN & GSM gateways.

we offer Zero-cost inter-connection between worldwide extensions with allows call transfer, and telephone conferences at any time and Trunk calls become internal lines, which significantly reduces communication costs.Mobile phones act as mobile extensions, allowing calls to be placed or received anywhere at any time.

it can Integrate with your CRM/ERP to improve office efficiency by 50%.Increase the Customer Satisfication implementing quality monitoring of customers interaction using our Telephone System.

Awesome features

PSTN , GSM & SIP Trunk

Create your own Splash page and configure how will your guests start Internet session.

Mobile / BYOD / Remote Extension

You can set and create vouchers based on internet surf Time ,internet speed , and/or data usage capacity .

Worldwide Multiple Location

Protect your business or organization by blocking access to adult, hacked, malicious and every other kind of inappropriate websites.

WI-FI Enabled

Engage your customers with video ads, campaigns and email promotions.

Why D-HotSpot ?

DMas Networks 's "D HotSpot" comes with experience over 10 years in the wireless and telecoms industry. we're confident that we can provide a fast, efficient internet connection regardless of location challenges or heavy footfall

as DMas Networks, we specialized in the design, installation, security and management of Enterprise level WiFi networks.we offer the products and expertise to help you get connected with a network that's just right for you – regardless of the size of your business.

DMas Networks "D HotSpot" WiFi installation is developed, specifically tailored to your requirements With ,

24x7 On location Technicle Support
Enterprise Level site survey before establish WIFI network
Expertise consultancy

What we Guaranteed?

Fast & Stable Connectivity

300Mbps wireless 2.4GHz b/g/n or 1200Mbps wireless 5GHz AC support & -60db Wireless Density.

Advanced Security

802.x WP2/PSK or enterprise radius security.

Decrease Internet Bill
Wide Coverage

Need more advanced features?

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